Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cyanide Butterfly

November and December were black holes on this blog. No music, no narrative -- silence. 

So let's start 2017 with a nugget from in one era...and out the other, an obscure 2004 release by Peter Underdog that was known more for its recall due to faulty ink-jet printed labels. That label would gum up the CD player of anyone who dared spinning it; fortunately, the number of spins was small enough to keep damage claims down to a manageable figure.

Cyanide Butterfly was inspired by a creative non-fiction event that allegedly occurred when Peter Underdog was employed as a data wrangler at Large State University in a research lab. The Finitistic Dimension Conjecture business had pretty much dried up, and he needed employment to raise funds to finance his cruises to the moons of Jupiter from Io to Ganymede. Those excursions became a possibility when the collective knowledge of the developers of the failed neutron engine in Star City invaded his brain during the Winslow, AZ incident.

As Peter Underdog was wrangling data generated by microbes percolating in various growth media, the beginnings of Cyanide Butterfly, started ringing in his ears. The inspiration came by way of a suspicious sequence of events at the lab involving that deadly substance. His attorney advises him not to say much about it, but he and former colleagues survived the scare. At least the tale can be told by way of music -- let the saxophones do the talking!

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